Ref: SH09
EAN: 5420044221417
Height: 16.0 CM (6.7 Inch)
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This beautifully crafted and very welcoming ass guarantees dazzling depths where you can linger for a long time, very comfortable is the long tube with large bumps. Maximum sensations, without forcing anything.

SHAKE is a line of masturbators 100% produced in Belgium. Our products are realistic and flexible. They are also 100% safe and of excellent quality: TPR, medical silicone oil, without phthalates, and with water-based lubricant. An extra guarantee: the Real Skin Touch, the feeling of touching real skin, with or without a condom. Powerful also in imagination since each model offers a different experience, from easily stiff to winding paths. Just like real life!

Type of ProductsAss
Height16.0 CM (6.7 Inch)
Diameter7.5 CM (3.0 Inch)
Weight0.32 KG