SHAKE is a line of masturbators 100% produced in Belgium. Our products are realistic and flexible. They are also 100% safe and of excellent quality: TPR, medical silicone oil, 100% without phthalates. An extra guarantee: the Real Skin Touch, the feeling of touching real skin, with or without a condom. Powerful also in imagination since each model offers a different experience, from easily stiff to winding paths. Just like real life!

Real Skin Touch
For four years we have been striving to make the texture of our products as realistic as possible. Goal: a sense of touch that is really identical to that of real skin, so that our toys not only have a real appearance but also provide the sensual and hot sensations of sex with other people.

To this end, we have developed an innovative material, a simple and well-dosed formula, without the addition of dangerous and/or problematic chemicals for skin and health.

Our products are odorless, natural, based on thermoplastic elastomer, medical oil, silicone oil and colorant. Most models in our range are also modeled after real human models, whose skin texture have each been analyzed. We also succeed in offering a realistic anatomy because we are aware that touch and view help stimulate excitement and pleasure.

Unlike many other brands that work with China, our products are made in Belgium. We therefore comply with all applicable European safety standards, including the most drastic ones. Fun, quality and safety are therefore guaranteed!